A mouse taught a cat how to solve a math problem

A cat sneaked out of the animal school and looked very unhappy. Just at that time, he saw a mouse. He got hold of the mouse and was about to eat the mouse. The mouse was very smart. He asked the cat: “You look very unhappy. Is there anything I can help you with before you have me for lunch?” The cat thought for a while and said: “My teacher gave me a math problem and I did not know how to solve it. “

“What was it?”

“In the equation: __________÷ 10=15….. (_______), what is the largest possible value for the dividend? What is the smallest possible value for the dividend?” The cat continued:” If I cannot solve it before school is over, the teacher will keep me after school for tutoring. I want to go home after school.”

The mouse said: “If I can help you to solve the problem, do you promise to let me go?”


“Listen: in a division equation, the remainder must be smaller than the divisor. In this equation, the divisor is 10 so the largest possible value for the remainder is 9. When the remainder is 9, the dividend is:

15 x 10 +9=159;

When the remainder is 1, the dividend has the smallest possible value:

15x 10+1=151

Now, Mr. Cat, do you think that I am right?”

The cat thought for a while and said:” You are right. I need to remember the formulas to find the dividend and also the rules in a division equation. Thank you. You can go now.”

“Mr. Cat, do not sneak out of your class any more. Study hard and do not give up.”

The cat let go of the mouse and returned to school.


If you need more problems on division equations, please get the books:

Word Problems-Detailed Explanations of Reasoning and Solving Strategies Volumes 5 and 6