6th grade Fraction Word Problems Examples

Example 1

Peter, Dad, and Mom each had  2/9 of  a cake, how much did they three have altogether?

Example 2

A cook bought 100 pounds of rice. If he used 4/5 of it in cooking, how many pounds of rice did he use?

Example 3

The amount of water in a person’s body is 56 pounds. If the amount of water is 4/5 of the entire weight of the person, how much does the person weigh?

Example 4

The number of students in a math club is 8/5 of the number of students in a science club; the number of students in the science club is 1/3  of the number of students in an art club. If there are 8 students in the math club, how many students are in the art club?

Example 5

There are 36 cars in a parking lot. If the number of cars is 4 times the number of vans, and if the number of vans is 3/5 of the trucks in the parking lot, how many trucks are in the parking lot?


Example 6

A barrel of oil weighs 12 pounds. If 3/4 of it is used in cooking, how many pounds are left?

Example 7

In an art exhibit in a school, there are 50 water color paintings. If the number of crayon drawings is 1/5  more than the number of water color paintings, how many crayon drawings are in the exhibit?

Example 8

The price of a jacket is $10.00; the price of a T-shirt is $5.00. The price of the jacket is what fraction more than the price of the T-shirt? The price of the T-shirt is what fraction less than the price of the jacket?