6th grade fraction word problems example 3

The amount of water in a person’s body is 56 pounds. If the amount of water is 4/5 of the entire weight of the person, how much does the person weigh?

Reasoning: the noun phrase after “4/5 of” is “the entire weight”, so the amount in 1 is the total weight of the person. That is what we are solving for. The fraction is 4/5; the amount in the fraction is the amount of water in the body, 56 pounds.

the list of the 3 elements:

the amount in 1: the weight of the entire body?

the fraction: 4/5

the amount in the fraction: 56,pounds

the amount in the fraction=the entire weight of the person= the amount in a fraction÷the fraction= 56÷4/5=70 pounds